Start of the stroke-pilot program

In order to get to know the work as a stroke-pilot better and to be able to better assess the needs of patients who have had a stroke, the two pilot nurses of the Clinic and Polyclinic for Neurology have taken up their work. To this end, select patients of the stroke unit at the University Hospital Leipzig were included in the preliminary test program. The goal of the stroke-pilots is to offer advice and assistance to stroke patients in the first year after an acute incident and to facilitate the co-ordination of the post-stationary treatment.

In addition, the experience gained during the preliminary phase, which has now started, should serve as a further basis for the conceptual orientation of the patient app which is currently under development. „The requirements that emerge from the current co-supervision provide us with a realistic close-to-patient view of the necessities of support after a stroke. This information helps us to design the PostStroke Manager in a way that it can best meet the needs of our patients“, says project coordinator and senior physician Professor Dr. med. Dominik Michalski.

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